New Release

Re-Engineering the Kitchen

By Alina Steele

Are you eating too much junk food? Do you waste too much of the food you purchase?  Do you want to cook more but just don’t have the time? It seems that the more food opportunities we have, the worse our diets become. More and more of our food is highly processed, providing little nutrition beyond calories. This modern diet is implicated in ever-increasing rates of chronic, degenerative diseases including obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and gastrointestinal issues. 

Many of us intend to improve our diet: more fruit and vegetables, more whole foods, less junk food.  However, few of us are apparently able to swim against the overwhelming tide of ultra-processed, convenience foods. Food availability, time constraints, and expectations of artificial palatability conspire to make home-prepared food an unattractive proposition. 

It is time to change how we approach planning, purchasing, and preparing food for ourselves and our families; it is time to Re-Engineer the Kitchen. Let’s bring process improvement to the process of feeding ourselves.  This book will change how you approach food in the 21st Century. No matter whether you are feeding yourself or a whole family, this book will give you the tools, strategies, and recipes you need to optimize food purchases, waste less, and to get more mileage from your cooking efforts. 

Let’s make it easy to spend less time, money, and effort on better food!


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“I found myself smiling about many of the stories because I’ve had similar travel experiences. I also enjoyed the author’s unique encounters, his story telling ability and his sense of humor. A lot of laughs as I shared a few of Mr. Steele’s stories, and some of my own, during XMAS dinner.” – TJR

“Tales of a Road Warrior” is a delightful book. It is a series of “mini stories” on the experience and ups and downs of traveling, especially when done for business. It is a must read for any business traveler. The more I read the more I smiled.” – Unsigned

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“A great collection of short travel stories. As a seasoned traveler myself, Harvey’s experiences are different but not unlike what many of us have experienced at some point while traveling. There are travel tips and lessons for everyone. This book provides excellent learning experiences for anyone who travels and could be applied to daily living.” – Debbie

“This book is an easy read with fun illustrations. It would be a great gift for anyone looking for a good laugh.” – Kay L

“I related to many of the stories. The storytelling is done well – I can hear and see everything coming to life and the little illustrations at the end are spot on!” – Eldiva