Re-Engineering the Kitchen

How do I submit a manuscript for review?

Email it to [email protected] in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

What format does my book need to be in for it to be published?

Microsoft Word preferred. Manuscript should be double spaced and in size 12 font.

What should be included in the manuscript?

Front matter (dedication, copyright page with disclaimers, if applicable, table of contents, and introduction) and back matter (acknowledgments, bio with photo). All images should be 300 DPI.

Do I need ISBN number(s)?

Yes. You will need one ISBN number for each format – hardcover, paperback, and eBook.

Do I need barcode label(s)?

If you want to sell your book to bookstores, libraries, etc., yes.

Where do I get ISBN numbers and barcodes?

Bowker is the US source for ISBN numbers and barcodes. You can buy them directly or get them through us. Barcodes are a fixed price, but we can offer a discount on ISBN numbers as we buy them in larger quantities.

How long will it take to get my book published?

Publishing your book will take 2-3 months from the time of agreement. If illustrations are needed, the process take 3-4 months.

If I need an illustrator for my book can the press recommend one?

We will help you find an illustrator that is best suited to your genre.

Who will edit my book?

We will help you find an editor for copy editing and proofreading who is best suited for genre and writing style.

How will my book be distributed and marketed?

We distribute through the Ingram Content Network for wholesale orders. This includes bookstores, online retailers, and libraries. We also distribute through Amazon KDP for direct retail sales and eBooks. The author is expected to market their book as well through various social media outlets, email campaigns, postcards, etc.

Will I receive a bound book to review before final printing?

Yes, you will receive an author’s proof for your review before approving it to be published.

How do I order my book after it is published?

You can order direct through Amazon or IngramSparks. Delivery usually takes 7-10 business days from the date that the order is placed.

Will I own the copyright to my book?

Yes. If you file with the US Copyright Office, which is recommended, there is a filing fee, and you will need to send them two print copies as part of the process.

Can the book be converted into an e-book?

Yes, the paperback manuscript can be converted to eBook format(s).

Do I need a Library of Congress Control Number?

You will need an LOC number if you want to sell to libraries. We can help you with the process. You will need to send them a print copy of your book as part of the process.