Re-Engineering the Kitchen

Re-Engineering the Kitchen applies process improvement principles to radically change how we plan, buy and prepare food, e.g. the Food Cycle.  By following the Re-Engineered Food Cycle and using these Agile recipes, we can improve nutrition with more Real Food while saving time and money. 

Driven by basic nutrition and individual dietary objectives, the Re-Engineered Food Cycle provides a step-by-step approach to determine what to buy and why, how much to buy and how to prepare it easily and inexpensively.  In the process we will look at the whole integrated Food Cycle from the top down, focus on the most important Priority Foods and then prepare foods efficiently. 

Re-Engineering the Kitchen provides strategies and tools to easily replace ultra-processed food with real food, improving both nutrition and value.  The Agile Recipes employ a new format that has been designed to be streamlined and standardized, with variations and substitutions readily noted.  The Agile Recipes are simple, reliable and flexible; allowing us to get almost anything on the table efficiently. 

New Release – September 2024

Available in Paperback and Hard Copy formats.

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